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U Shaped Full Body Sleep Pregnancy Pillow

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Best Maternity Pillow

Best Full U Shaped Pregnancy Maternity Body Sleep Pillow

Help moms have a cozy and comfortable pregnancy!

Our pregnancy pillow has been working on improving the comfort and support according to customers' suggestion. So, if you'd like to sleep more deeply, the cradling comfort and gentle support of this premium pillow can make it happen.

Get Rest That You Need

Are you constantly tired and sleepy? Hard to find that perfect angle to finally get sleep?

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center foundlinks between both the quantity and quality of a pregnant woman's sleep and complications at birth, including low birth weight and preterm births. You deserve to catch up on all the sleep you are missing, for your health and your future little one's health.

Use our Pregnancy Support Pillow to get that good night's sleep. It supports your front and backside, as well as your neck.

Expecting mothers need a whole lot of energy, due to the growing a baby inside that gorgeous bump. But just when they need rest the most, it can be extremely difficult to come by. The second and third trimesters can be especially challenging when finding the perfect sleeping position becomes nearly impossible. Snuggling up to a pregnancy pillow can make a world of difference.

Reasons For A Body Pillow During Pregnancy

A growing belly means two import things in terms of a mother's sleep. Firstly, there are limited options for safe sleep positions. Secondly, new pressure points for the positions that actually are safe for sleep. Unfortunately for back and stomach sleepers, side sleeping is best during pregnancy. Stomach sleeping is off the table for obvious reasons - sleeping on a big ball that kicks isn’t very relaxing. But back sleeping is also discouraged, since it can compress an important vein that carries blood to your baby.

This means side sleeping is the only option when you're further along in pregnancy, but your growing bump will also put increased pressure on your hips and back. And this is where a pregnancy body pillow comes to your rescue.

These pillows are designed to provide support to different pressure points on the expecting mother's body. Some to your back, others to your knees, others just to your belly. But ours is designed to provide support to all of the above. Using our full body pregnancy pillow can make a pregnant woman more comfortable when laying down and help prevent aches and pains in the morning.

Benefits and Features of Full Body Pregnancy Support Pillow

UNIQUE & ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Super soft pregnancy body pillow lets you get a good night of sleep throughout your pregnancy. It is uniquely designed to follow the natural shape of the pregnancy mom. The oversized U-shaped pillow is long enough for you to stretch out, and the pillow support both sides of your body.

PAIN RELIEF, COMFORTABLE FOR SIDE SLEEPERS AND NURSING- Pregnant moms have used this pillow effectively for pregnancy support, nursing, for drug free pain relief, and comfort (while sleeping). As well it helps with lumbar support and support to neck, back, belly, sides, head, knees, and feet . It relieves shoulder fatigue, reduces waist pressure, and provides support for the arm, abdomen, leg, buttock and more.

It's also a great total body pillow for people with fibromyalgia, sciatica, gastric reflux, congestion, carpal tunnel syndrome, eliminate tossing and turning, etc.

VERSATILE PRODUCT & MULTI-FUNCTIONAL- The maternity body pillow creates a comfortable position when sleeping, reading, nursing, watching TV. 360 Total Body Support for a painless and sound sleep;

EXCELLENT QUALITY - The pillow cover is a 100% cotton cover, meaning it is breathable to keep you cool all night. pregnancy body pillow filling: polyester, which offers long-lasting resilience and durability. The machine washable cotton pillowcase comes with a zipper for easy removal and cleaning.

Package Includes:

1Pc Pregnancy Pillow

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